Tuesday, October 18, 2016


 Myth #1 - The harder you brush, the better.

 Truth - The goal of toothbrushing is to remove plaque. Plaque is very soft and will come off with a  soft bristle brush and a light touch. If you push too hard on the brush the bristles bend and don’t  work as well. You may also cause damage to your gums by abrading them. This leads to exposed  tooth structure which may cause sensitivity and eventually, decay.

 Myth #2 - Certain foods cause gum disease.

 Truth - Gum disease is caused by bacteria not by sugar or any other food. However, if food isn’t  removed from tooth surfaces it provides fuel for bacteria to grow and break down the attachment  between teeth and gums leading to tooth loss.

 Myth #3 - Gum disease naturally occurs as you get older.

 Truth - Many young people have gum disease. Dental hygiene is more of a factor than age. Getting  regular examinations and cleanings and keeping your teeth as clean as possible by brushing and  flossing is the key to good dental health.