Monday, August 13, 2012

Wisdom for the Wise


                    Wisdom teeth or third molars are the very last teeth to come in and usually “errupt”
at about age 17-20.  As modern man evolved the jaw became smaller and there was less room to accommodate these teeth.  Consequently, many people today have no room for their wisdom teeth and they become “impacted”.  A tooth is considered impacted when it doesn’t come into the mouth all the way.  It can be embedded in bone  or gum tissue.  If a tooth is completely covered by bone it should at least be x-rayed periodically to make sure  there are no hidden problems.  Wisdom teeth
cause the most problem when they are partially covered by gum tissue.  Bacteria can invade the envelope of gum tissue laying over the tooth and cause a severe infection. Extraction of the tooth is generally recommended if this situation exists.